Day 100

October 1, 2017 I did it!!!:D I didn't do a lot of coding today but instead I evaluated my 100 days of code journey. I am a person of few words and writing is not my forte but I'll try my best to share my experience with this challenge. Here are some of the highlights… Continue reading Day 100


Day 95

September 26, 2017 I went back to FCC and tried to finish the basic algorithm challenges. I have one algorithm left to solve -.- Why are algorithms so hard T.T Anyway, I'm excited to move on 🙂 I also read a bit about regular expressions and they are not regular lol


Day 94

September 25, 2017 I did section 31 today but I didn't fully understand what I did lol I want to learn more about node js and databases first then I'll go back to it. I was thinking of going back to FreeCodeCamp and try to get my Frontend Certificate too.