Day 100

October 1, 2017 I did it!!!:D I didn't do a lot of coding today but instead I evaluated my 100 days of code journey. I am a person of few words and writing is not my forte but I'll try my best to share my experience with this challenge. Here are some of the highlights … Continue reading Day 100


Day 99

September 30, 2017 I finished Wes Bos' What the Flexbox tutorial today. I don't get it yet but I think the best way to know what I've learned is by doing something with it. I'll try to think of a project to use it. I also did my first pair programming with kuya Ken! It … Continue reading Day 99

Day 95

September 26, 2017 I went back to FCC and tried to finish the basic algorithm challenges. I have one algorithm left to solve -.- Why are algorithms so hard T.T Anyway, I'm excited to move on 🙂 I also read a bit about regular expressions and they are not regular lol

Day 94

September 25, 2017 I did section 31 today but I didn't fully understand what I did lol I want to learn more about node js and databases first then I'll go back to it. I was thinking of going back to FreeCodeCamp and try to get my Frontend Certificate too.