Day 65

August 10, 2017

I learned how to add styles to a web app using bootstrap and partials 🙂
Also worked on my friend’s website but still waiting for the files to add contents.

Today, I didn’t code much but I feel really good. My heart is full and I’m grateful. A friend asked me to hang out this afternoon at a boba place nearby. It was nice to go out and just hang out with a friend just like when I was in the Philippines. I used to hang out a lot with my friends back home and I missed that. I just like how close everything is there. You can walk to places if you want to. 😀

I’m also learning Korean. It’s one of the languages I wanted to learn aside from Japanese and Spanish(well add JavaScript too lol). I tried to self-study years ago but gave up because I found the pronunciation too hard but now that I have a real Korean friend, I have somebody to bother whenever I have questions haha


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